8 scary benefits behaviors employees have
1. Benefits enrollment.jpg
Participants don’t review any annual enrollment materials
Photo of a hand/pen filling out the social security portion of a insurance/healthcare form.
2. 401k scary.jpg
Employees don’t enroll in the 401(k) or don’t know what investment options to choose
Close up of a 401(k) statement.
2. Employee wellness.jpg
Employees don’t engage in the wellness program
4. Dependents.jpg
Employees don’t update ineligible dependents on the plan
More application documents;
5. Beneficiaries.jpg
Employees don’t review their beneficiary information regularly
codicil to a last will and testament and irrevocable trust being signed by a 67 year old man.
6. Disability.jpg
Employees do not evaluate the options for disability — whether to elect a higher benefit or have the benefit paid post-tax
Approved Social Security Disability Claim Form on a desktop
7. HSA payments.jpg
Employees do not take the opportunity to contribute to the health savings account
Close up photo of a stethoscope on top of a stack of United States cash.
8. Vacation scary.jpg
Employees do not use all of their vacation time