EBN’s top slideshows of 2016
Employers in 2016 were eager to learn ways to boost wellness program engagement and how the election cycle would play out in the benefit industry. Over the course of the year, these were some of the most popular slideshows compiled at EBN.
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10: Top 10 employee incentives
These workplace rewards are used most frequently by employers, according to TicketsatWork.

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9: The top 50 large-group employee benefit brokers in the U.S., part 2
The first listing of top employee benefit firms in the country to be ranked exclusively on health and welfare revenue. Revealed in descending order, the listing is based on Form 5500 reporting data as of Nov. 7, 2014.

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8. 25 highest paying jobs in the U.S.
Online career site Glassdoor releases its annual report, providing benefit advisers and employers insight into what industries are paying some of their top performers.

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7. 2016’s most ridiculous late-to-work excuses
While traffic is the most common cause of tardiness among employees, followed by oversleeping and bad weather, those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the bizarre late excuses.

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6. 10 healthcare differences between Clinton, Trump
Although a moot point, this was where the presidential candidates stood on the Affordable Care Act, prescription drug costs, Medicare and more.

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5. 10 LinkedIn red flags to watch for with potential new hires
Many potential employees equate LinkedIn profiles to digital resumes, but there are a number of negative red flags employers, including benefit firms, should look out for. Several experts at Young Entrepreneur Council, an organization of business founders younger than 40, give advice on the red flags to watch for on the profiles of your potential recruits.

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4. 50 benefit technology innovators
From robo-advisers to virtual benefit counselors, employers today have an array of solutions to meet the needs of their tech-savvy workforces.

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3. 10 reasons employees hate wellness programs
Employers spend a ton of money on wellness, yet many programs fail to engage employees over the long term. Emily Noll, national director of wellness with CBIZ Benefits and Insurance Services, Inc. shares 10 reasons employees don’t like wellness programs.

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2. 25 companies that pay the best wages
Glassdoor’s latest report reveals that several companies are offering employees six figure paychecks, including commissions, tips, bonuses, etc.

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1. 2016's best places to work - Part 1
This annual list identifies companies that received high marks for pay and other perks.

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