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Raj Bhavsar, Chief Technology Officer, ConnectYourCare
His innovation: Since Bhavsar joined ConnectYourCare a year ago, he’s overhauled the consumer-directed healthcare account company’s digital operations. Enhancements included embellishing the company’s mobile strategy with gaming technology and launching myCYC, which allows consumers to quickly access their tax-advantaged health account funds. For brokers, he built the BrokerCommand center, which allows them to manage the complete lifecycle of a client’s benefit plan, quickly generate proposals and monitor client stats. For employers, he engineered CYC Insights, a set of tools that aim to provide transparency and control over HSAs, FSAs and HRAs.

Why it matters: Bhavsar’s digital strategies are aimed at making it easier for employers, brokers, employees and healthcare providers to leverage tax-advantaged accounts. It’s an important mission, industry insiders say: Although health savings accounts and other accounts are valuable for saving for medical expenses, about 80% of employees don’t understand them, according to statistics.