Indiana University to offer paid parental leave to staff

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Indiana University will begin offering six weeks of paid parental leave starting July 1 for full-time staff after a birth or adoption.

About 23,000 faculty and staff who are in regular employment — 35 hours a week — and have been working within the university system for at least a year will be eligible for the benefit, says John Whelan, associate vice president for human resources at Indiana University. It applies to both new mothers and fathers.

“We are very optimistic that this will be seen as a positive addition to our benefits,” he says. “We think the employees who are currently here will feel more valued. The feedback we’ve received already from our employees seems to support that optimism.”

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The benefit will run concurrently with the Family and Medical Leave Act and can be used on an intermittent basis; however, it must be used within six months following the birth or adoption, according to the university.

Staff employees across all seven campuses are eligible for up to two parental leaves, regardless of their marital or relationship status, according to the university. Similarly, if both parents are university employees, they will each be eligible to receive six weeks of paid leave.

Previously, paid parental leave was limited to faculty.

The benefit builds upon the university’s existing benefits package that includes, which provides access to emergency childcare services and qualified childcare providers.

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