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5 employee recognition software providers to know
Employers have long looked to motivate workers trough recognition of their achievements. Now new digital tools are available to help organizations implement, manage and track such programs. What follows is a list of five recognition-software platform vendors that have caught the eye of the EBN editorial staff. They are listed in alphabetical order.
1. BenefitOne.PNG
BenefitOne’s employee recognition tool utilizes a social peer-to-peer platform that lets employees give in-the-moment recognition to one another. The tool also allows managers to customize incentives to create unique awards for workers at every level of the organization.
2. Bucketlist.PNG
Employers can use the Bucketlist platform to track employee engagement, satisfaction, and other performance metrics. The tool offers then offers HR a catalog of rewards to recognize staff successes. The systems also allows human resource to create custom awards.
3. Kudos.PNG
The Kudos software system creates a hub where employees can be recognized for their achievements from both peers and managers. The software offers customizable manager-to-employee recognition, such as congratulatory videos, as well as private, feedback messaging that can be sent from employee to employee or from manager to employee.
4. Motivosity.PNG
The Motivosity software offers a social platform where employees can issue reward currency to recognize workers who are meeting company goals. As workers accumulate reward money, they can spend it in the Motivosity store, which consists of around 200 digital gift cards. The store also allows “for a cause” donations where employees can support company causes.
5. Recognize.PNG
Recognize’s software includes features such as automatic employee anniversary and birthday recognition and on-the-spot employee appreciation notes from colleagues – which can be sent through the company’s mobile app, texts, emails and instant messaging. Additionally, managers can create within the system a rewards catalog of gift cards, experiences and non-monetary rewards staff can redeem with points accrued non-monetary staff redeemed points.