Communicating big company changes in a way that reflects your executive team’s business goals and supports your employees isn’t easy – especially when it comes to employee benefits.

But with an empathetic communication strategy in place, you can transform a delicate situation into an opportunity to showcase your company’s core values and remind your employees why they like working for you. In fact, great benefits communication can boost employee engagement and loyalty.

Join behavioral science expert Helen Calvin from Jellyvision as she shares ideas on how to craft an effective change communication strategy, including:

  • 4 tips for bridging the gap between your company’s executives and the rest of your workforce
  • 3 thoughtful ways to keep employees engaged (and feeling positive) when the road gets rocky
  • 3 behavioral-science-based tactics for getting your employees to take action
  • And more!

Key Speakers

Bruce Shutan
Freelance writer, Managing editor EBN and EBA, moderator
Helen Calvin
Chief Customer Success Officer, ALEX by Jellyvision