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5 applicant tracking software providers to know
Applicant tracking software helps HR departments handle the recruitment process by posting, storing and then, based on an employer’s criteria, sorting resumes to find appropriate job candidates. While there are a number of companies offering ATS packages, the editors of EBN came across a few they found particularly interesting.
1. ApplicantPro.PNG
ApplicantPro allows employers to push postings across multiple job boards such as CareerBuilder and Monster, and social media outlets including LinkedIn and Facebook. The system also distributes incoming resumes to managers for review and allows HR managers to filter applicants by departmental need.
2. PrecedentHR.PNG
Precedent HR
Precedent HR offers HR a centralized location for information on an applicant’s resume. It also matches applicants based on keywords, schedules interviews and allows employers to manage offer letters. In addition, it stores applicant information for future job postings.
3. Interviewed.PNG
Interviewed, which is owned by Indeed, provides employers with a number of screening tools, from cognitive and personality tests to job skills tests. The ATS also provides employers with the capability to do video interviews.
4. Cangrade.PNG
Cangrade features predictive-analytics tools that allow employers to identify and group prospective job applicants. The software uses a benchmarking assessment to identify successful candidates. The software also uses and compares current employees against job applicants to predict a candidate’s future success within the organization.
5. JazzHR.PNG
JazzHR allows HR departments to track job candidates, triggering automatic emails and HR task assignments as the recruit moves through the hiring process. The system also provides an internal feedback loop, keeping key members of the recruiting team informed about the candidate.