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Second Take

A closer reading of it sends a clear, if unstated, signal to plan sponsors that they should aim to keep participants invested in a qualified defined contribution plan throughout their working lives, according to Retirement Clearinghouse’s Spencer Williams.

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The trouble with stacked rankings

The method was designed to help plan sponsors allocate annual raises and promotions but has evolved into a stressful process for everyone involved, says Rajeev Behara, CEO of San Francisco-based Reflektive.

Wellness programs do little to lower healthcare costs

Tiered incentives may encourage more workers to get active, but for employers they represent an increase in administrative overhead, says David Contorno, CEO of Lake Norman Benefits.

New approach to wellness programs delivers instant ROI

Moving beyond biggest loser-type competions and step challenges, employer-based programs are entering a new phase that make use of targeted incentives to create specific outcomes.